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Recall Cost: $16 Million

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How much is the ongoing Democrat tantrum cost taxpayers? Originally, the recall elections were estimated to cost taxpayers around $9 million; now it looks like they will cost as much as $16 million.



GREEN BAY - There is a price to pay for the upcoming recall elections and you, the taxpayer, are paying for them.

Local municipalities and counties are using cash from taxpayers to cover the added costs putting a strain on their budgets. But the expense doesn't stop there with a lot on the line.

Two recall elections in the next two months will determine who will run our state for the next two years. Will Governor Scott Walker keep his job? Or will Democratic unrest usher in candidate Tom Barrett, Kathleen Falk, Doug La Follette or Kathleen Vinehout?

And to afford this unusual and rare show of democracy at the polls, taxpayers around the state will be paying the bill starting next week with the Democratic and Republican recall primary election.

"Approximately $8 million, a little more than $8 million and that's the cost for each recall election at the local level," said Reid Magney, spokesman for the state's Government Accountability Board in Madison.

That's $8 million for the primary recall election and another $8 million for the general recall election. In all $16 million for both statewide elections in which local municipalities pay their share.


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