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Big Labor's Recall Tab So Far: $7 Million

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Via Media Trackers:

Just released campaign finance documents show Big Labor both inside and outside of Wisconsin pouring just over $7 million into the effort to recall Governor Scott Walker and four GOP state senators. In the 2011 recall campaign combined total spending by unions and progressive groups reached $14.7 million, or just over twice what labor unions alone have managed to raise or spend in what is the opening round of the effort to knock out Governor Walker less than two years into his term...


All told, the axis of Big Labor still has $2.8 million left in cash-on-hand just over a week out from the Democrat primary. After the primary the recall election campaign will begin in earnest, as Walker becomes the sole focus the Left’s financial phalanx.

The massive movement of money from unions to PACs and independent funds will only increase with the intensity of the recall election. The cozy relationship enjoyed by Big Labor, various front groups, and the Democrat party allows them to effectively shift funds from one group to the next building the appearance that the recall effort is an entirely homegrown Wisconsin affair.

Finance reports for campaigns, political action committees (PACs), and independent expenditure committees may be found here.

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