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Up Against The Wall

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Carroll University continues to defend its obscenity/slur laced wal. But there are two new development: first, they moved the wall, second.... my name has been added to the tolerance wall. An email from a Carroll student:

lMr. Sykes-
I go to Carroll University, and I wanted to let you know that the wall has been moved back so that it is no longer visible to those on the road. In my opinion, the damage was already done, but that's beside the point. The main reason I wanted to email you was to tell you that you should be very proud because your name is on the wall! You know, the wall where only words or phrases that are prejudiced are supposed to be written. I have attached a picture for you to see. Since your name was added, Fox News was also added. This just shows that the alleged reason for creating this wall has gotten lost in this fiasco, and now has turned political (by the way only conservative people/companies have been written...maybe I will go write Obama and a few other liberals on the wall). I can't say I am surprised. They are liberals.
Thank you for bringing this situation to light. You spoke up for everyone who was enraged by this horrific wall, and let those of us who wanted to say their piece on your radio show do so. I truly am embarrassed by these events, and I really hope that those who approved this wall were as well.
Embarrassed Carroll Student
PS your name is right underneath "tw*t monster" and the N word off towards the left.
If you want to see the UNCONSORED picture of the wall, you'll have to go to my Facebook page. WARNING: GRAPHIC.

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