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"Not Brave"

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ICYMI yesterday, Mayor Tom Barrett  (1) refused to say how he would have balanced the state budget as governor, and then (2) undermined his own strategy by using the phrase "not brave" to describe Assembly Republicans he would rely on to flip-flop and vote to repeal Act 10: From John McCormack's report in the Weekly Standard:


Barrett said he would attempt to repeal Walker's union reforms by calling a special legislative session, but he acknowledged that Republicans could block him. Barrett suggested that if Democrats win the win the governor's race and take back the Senate, Republicans in the assembly would change their minds about collective bargaining.
But then Barrett undermined efforts to sway Republicans by calling those who would switch their votes "not brave."
"What I think [the recall] would do is it would change the minds of a lot of those assembly members who voted for this. As they see senator after senator recalled, and their governor recalled, they’re not going to be as brave as they may have been last spring. And if they’re not brave, they may change their vote," Barrett said. "And if they [don't] change their vote, we know who to focus on in November."

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