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Milwaukee DA's Sign Walker Recall Petitions

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This would be the same Democrat Milwaukee County DA's office that has been conducting a nearly two year long "secret" John Doe investigation of Republican Governor Scott Walker. The probe has been dogged by criticism of possible partisan bias, its selective prosecution, and frequent leaks. Now we learn via Media Trackers  that XX assistant DAs in the office signed Walker recall petitions.

Media Trackers is able to confirm that 43 current employees of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office signed the petition to recall Governor Scott Walker. A total of 70 names on matched the names of current employees at the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, but not all could be completely confirmed at the time of publication. The employees signing the Walker recall petition range in stature from a Deputy District Attorney, to at least 19 Assistant District Attorneys, and a host of support staff.

Highest ranking among the officials signing the Walker recall petition was Deputy District Attorney Lovell Johnson Jr. Johnson is one of five Deputy District Attorney’s who report directly to DA John Chisholm.

In addition to DDA Johnson Jr., Media Trackers was able to confirm that 19 Assistant District Attorneys (employee status provided by the Milwaukee DA as of March 26, 2012) signed the Walker recall at the time of publication. An additional 10 ADAs appear to have signed but Media Trackers could not confirm with complete certainty. The Milwaukee County ADAs who Media Trackers was able to confirm signed the Walker recall petition include:

  • Cynthia Brown
  • Holly Bunch
  • Ronald S. Dague
  • Patricia Daugherty
  • Miriam S. Falk
  • Jennifer L. Hanson
  • Paul Hauer
  • Deann Heard
  • Nicolas Heitman
  • Francesco G. Mineo
  • Jon Neuleib
  • Dax C. Odom
  • Irene Parthum
  • Kristin Schrank
  • Gale Shelton
  • Randy Sitzberger
  • Claire Starling
  • John M. Stoiber
  • Megan Williamson

Perhaps one of the most interesting employees at the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office who signed the Scott Walker recall petition is Janet Oelstrom, a secretary for the Public Integrity Unit. The Public Integrity Unit is responsible for anti-corruption probes and the now-familiar ‘John Doe’ investigations. Oelstrom confirmed to Media Trackers on Friday night that she did indeed sign the Walker recall.

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