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UPDATED:The Compulsive Lying of Wisconsin Democrats...

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...and the media's failure to call them out. When Media Tracker, (or I) make a mistake, or even retweet an article with a mistake, the JS's Dan Bice and Politifact are quick to pounce. Fair enough. But what happens when the state Democrat party is caught in flagrant lies?


UPDATE: Politifact calls out one of Graeme Zielinski's lies, giving him a "Pants on Fire rating" for his fake GOP tweet.


The Walker campaign says it provided Bice with documentation of numerous errors and flat out lies from state Dems. 

Ciara Matthews, the Walker campaign's communications director tells me: 

"The Walker campaign pitched the story to Dan Bice at the Journal Sentinel. Bice said his editors thought it should be looked at by Politifact. Politifact said they did the first story on the petition signatures number – rated false – and would look at the last story on Graeme Zielinski’s tweets. They rest they said they found, “underwhelming.” Bice called me back to tell me what had been decided. I told him my plan was to give it to talk radio and see what got picked up from there." (Bice's response is below.)

You can make up your own mind if you think this is newsworthy:


DPW’s Record of Compulsive Lying


Lie: “One Million Strong”

On January 17, 2012 the Democrat Party of Wisconsin claimed that the effort they led to gather signatures to force a recall election of Governor Scott Walker collected and submitted “more than one million signatures.”



One million signatures may sound like a nice round number, but that is not an excuse for Wisconsin Democrats to outright lie about the actual signature number. The real number, as announced by the Government Accountability Board on March 12, 2012 is only approximately 930,000. Multiple independent reviews of the signatures and petition pages have been done, and all have concluded that given the internal review the left claimed to do of the signatures prior to submitting them to the GAB and the average number of signatures per page, it is mathematically implausible that DPW would have been unaware of the actual signature total.

Lie: “They can’t give us one invalid signature”

On February 27, 2012, the Friends of Scott Walker campaign announced that we would not file official challenges with the GAB over invalid signatures. Following our announcement, Mike Tate claimed that our decision was proof positive that we could not identify any invalid, fraudulent or duplicative signatures.



During the signature review process, the Republican Party of Wisconsin publicly released multiple examples of signatures which should be stricken from the record for being invalid or fraudulent. These include examples of individuals signing for people other than themselves and the unquestionably invalid signature of “Donald Duck.”


Lie: Corporate Cash

The Democrat Party has repeatedly accused Governor Walker of accepting corporate donations despite the fact that doing so would be in violation of Wisconsin campaign finance law. Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski have absolutely NO evidence to support their claim, but continues to make it, unchecked and unquestioned.



All of the campaign contributions made to Governor Walker are done so in full accordance with the law. The burden of proof does not fall on the campaign in this situation. Before making wildly inaccurate claims about the governor, it falls on Mike Tate and the Democrat Party to produce evidence to support the claims they are making. Unfortunately for them, once again they are proved to be making things up out of whole cloth for the purpose of defaming and slandering Wisconsin’s sitting Governor and his campaign.


Lie number 5: Legal Fund

On Friday, March 9, 2012, the Friends of Scott Walker campaign announced the creation of a legal fund established for the purpose of paying for legal representation the governor has retained in order to cooperate to the fullest extent with a John Doe investigation. The following Monday, the Democrat Party of Wisconsin held a press conference call at 11:00 A.M. According the a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter who listened to the call, DPW chairman Mike Tate called into question the illegal transfer of funds from the Governor’s recall campaign account to his legal fund.



Once again, Mike Tate has proven an inability to first establish a reason for suspecting wrong doing before making such serious accusations. It is against the law for money to be transferred from the campaign’s recall account to the legal fund. The Walker campaign has not, is not, and will not be making any such transfers. Mike Tate has leveled a very serious charge against the Friends of Scott Walkercampaign and is unable to provide any evidence to support his slanderous accusation.


Lie :Twitter

  1. Graeme Zielinski has, at least on one documented occasion, faked a twitter post by Republican Party of Wisconsin

RT @WisGOP: Happy International Women's Day! You ladies should get paid less and not be able to make health care decisions.

  1. He has also accused the governor of befriending and defending “members of the KKK”

GAB finds Grand Wizards/Texas King Street Klaven's verify challenges "frivolous," error-filled. Yet @GovWalker, @WisGOP embraced them.



  1. It is a violation of TwittersTerms of Use which clearly states:

Impersonation: You may not impersonate others through the Twitter service in a manner that does or is intended to mislead, confuse, or deceive others


  1. The King Street Patriots, a Tea Party group which supporters Governor Walker, is being accused by the DWP spokesman of being a Ku Klux Klan organization and Governor Walker is falsely being accused of cozying up to them. With no evidence to support his assertion, Graeme Zielinski has libeled a grassroots organization and defamed the Governor’s character.



The DPW's Graeme Zielinski was also accused of libel after  he falsely accused True the Vote of having been ‘implicated in arson’.


Asked for comment, Bice responded:

"Ciara wanted me to write a story about lies by the Zielinski and Tate.
I asked her for specifics, explaining that there is nothing more
common in an election year than one party accusing another of lying.
But I said I would look at the specific examples if she provided them.
She came up with seven, six of which were on the document you have and
one other one. ...

"As I often do with tips, I ran the list past my editor, Greg Borowski.
We agreed that I would write about one of the issues, which I
subsequently did, but he thought the others fit better with
PolitiFact. The PF team reviewed the suggestions and agreed that two
were of interest. I told Ciara that we were taking three of the seven
and that she could do what she wanted with the other four."

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