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What They Are Finding...

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  • Print the recall petitions that are available for review. revealing email from listener:



This past weekend I spent 12 hours perusing recall petitions for Wisconsin’s Governor Walker.  It was my job to verify the signatures of the petitions.  I can tell you that all of us volunteers did yeomen jobs in checking the veracity of those petitions. Here is what we found.
1.       One petitioner would write down all of the members of his family and then FAKE their signatures.
2.       A wife would write down her husband’s name and then fake his signature.
3.       A petition normally had 10 spaces for signatures.  The liberals would Xerox the Governor Walker recall signatures and then substitute the header for the Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch.  Thus without having to get any actual signatures for the recall of the Lt. Governor, they just Xeroxed the signatures.
5.       And Scott Walker was one of the petitioners.
The Wisconsin Statutes 12.13.3-A has penalties for presenting forged Recall documents is punishable by up to 3 years and 6 months in jail or a $10,000 fine.  We should contact the D.A. in Waukesha for these violations of the law.  And those people that committed the crime should be put on the nightly news and indicted.  

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