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Union Thug Update

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A bit more on the unionista activist who wrote that taxpayers needed to "GET YOUR F***ING CHECBOOK OUT!!!" His name is Brian Piech and he is listed as a sergeant in the Department of Corrections making $65,927 a year. He is also the author of this email to State Rep. Robin Vos... written on AFSCME stationery. 


Had the pleasure of reading the story about the beer dumped on your head in Mad-town. Great read. Best use of beer I've seen in a long time. Did he include the glass mug with the delivery?

All I can say is, welcome to the future of Wisconsin politics. Enjoy it. This is the way things will be, because we don't forgive or forget well. You guys created this radical mess, now you can deal with it. The only thing wrong with the whole incident is that your other loudmouth Republi-con cronie Van Wanggaard wasn't there getting one over his squash too.

I don't know when you Walker disciples will ever wake up and get it, but right now wouldn't be too soon.

What is with this radical right-wing rampage you continue to support? What is wrong with you people? Did your moms and dads not show you enough attention as kids? Were you such dorks in high school that you no had no dates for the dances, so now you have to abuse your political powers to finally be noticed by someone? ...

Brian Piech


P.S. - someone please tell that big mouth pro-rich River Hills radical Alberta Darling to shut her fat yap and stop talking over Lena Taylor in the assembly. Darling's ugly enough without opening her yap. If anyone should be removed from their job, it's HER. Thanks. 

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