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Get Your F***ing Checkbook Out!

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To mark Recall day, I thought I'd share an email (actually rather typical) from a tolerant compassionate listener....


Your comments regarding the Dems spending millions of taxpayers dollars is nothing more than one-sided right-wing propaganda. Garbage. Make sure you tell everyone how much it cost that dirtbag Fitzgerald to run "fake" Democrats back in August, and how much it cost for all the other dirty Tea Party extremist tricks these punks have played week after week since getting into office!!  Don't forget that Chuck!'s another thought about taxpayer concern....the same "taxpayers" that put this filthy slimebag Walker into office in the first place???  We're supposed to be concerned about THOSE TAXPAYERS???  LET EM PAY!!!! All of us state employees got raped and had to pay, so can they!! They can have some of the fun too!!! The only thing I have to say about this costing millions is, GET YOUR F-ING CHECKBOOK OUT!!!  
And quit comparing us to private sector workfoce!! Between you and that dirtbag Walker, I don't know who's more full of idiotic crap! We don't WANT to be compared to private sector workforce!! We didn't APPLY for private sector jobs!! We took jobs that make LESS than private sector people and we took them for the insurance benefits and job security!!  STOP BEING LIKE THAT IDIOT WALKER AND COMPARING US TO PRIVATE SECTOR!!!!
And don't forget, tell the WHOLE story Chuck, not just your Tea Party propaganda. The only ones who buy your crap are your broke, right-wing drooling neanderthals who are dumb enough to not know better.
All your little fun and ripping the state apart is coming to an end. Walker's approval rating is sh*t and everybody know's it. The RECALL is here. You can fool your minion followers with your little "600 jobs created by Walker in Superior" bullsh*t, but you won't fool the intelligent. We know the truth. We know about this dirtbag killing good civil service jobs to turn them into politically appointed jobs for his dirty right-wing thugs! EVERYONE KNOWS, Chuck!
You right wing extremist neanderthals have had your fun, now it's time to pay. Walker will be the only WI Governor recalled and ousted and one of about 3 maybe ever. Fantastic embarrassment. Maybe he should've thought about all this before he came stomping through the doors with his six-shooters firing! Him and all his loud-mouth thug cronies. Walker will have to cheat better than he did at Marquette to get out of this one!!
Brian Piech
UNION "THUG"  (soon to be one again)

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