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Lena Taylor's Contempt for the Law

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State Senator Lena Taylor apparently hopes to deflect further scrutiny of her conduct as a legislator and political activist by demanding apologies and threatening legal actions against the media and sundry other critics. But she continues to refuse to answer a host of questions about the 36 registered voters at the "Love House" property she owned. Were the voters all legal residents? Is she violating city housing codes? Was the "Love House" in violation of other state regulations? Were any of the other registrations fraudulent? One reason Taylor richly deserves more scrutiny? Her track record of contempt for the law and the rights of others. Herewith a few reminders:

You might recall her "Don't You Know Who I am" confrontation with Milwaukee police officers who ticketed her for a traffic violation.

State senators receive their share of perks and privileges.

But a broad exemption from traffic citations isn't one of them.

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn decided Thursday to reinstate a traffic ticket against state Sen. Lena Taylor after the Milwaukee Democrat had successfully lobbied lower-ranking officials to drop it.

"Citation L172194-1 will be reissued to the Senator," Flynn said in a statement. "Those persons issued citations may pursue all the legal remedies available to them to contest the citation."...

The twice-elected senator was pulled over during rush hour last Friday evening after two cops said they witnessed her crossing the center line and driving southbound in the northbound lane of N. 35th St. near W. State St.

Here is what Officer Seann Cleveland wrote in abbreviated fashion on the ticket:

"We both observed the listed veh cross to the left of the double solid yellow line and into the N/B lane. The veh continue driving S/B passing several vehicles so she could make a left hand turn into the drive way of 1018 N. 35th St. It should be noted this was just north of W. State St., which is a very busy intersection."

Cleveland described Taylor as "very irate" after she was stopped. 


Then there was her flouting of state elections laws in this incident.

Prosecutors Monday accused state Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) of a civil election law violation stemming from her contact with voters outside a city polling place in November.

Taylor faces one count of being present at a polling place while she was a candidate. She was running unopposed for re-election, but candidates aren't supposed to show up at the polls except to vote.


And then, of course, were her attacks against state businesses, endorsing a boycott against Georgia-Pacific, one of the state's largest employers... and even against a gas station owner in her own district.

MILWAUKEE- State Senator Lena Taylor urged her more than 7,000 Facebook friends to boycott dixie cups and other paper products.

The post reads in part: "Your purchase supports destruction of democracy. Two words. Koch brothers."

The Koch brothers are well known supporters of Republican candidates. They own Georgia Pacific which produces these products in Green Bay....

Senator Taylor has also urged a boycott of Andy's gas station at 76th and Good Hope, a business in her own district.

Owner Anup Khullar contributed thousands of dollars to Republican candidates. Khullar is out of the country and unavailable for comment.


???Taylor is no stranger to mis-using her legislative office and taxpayer-funded resources, including her  Let them eat Botox, "legislative alert." which touted a "Health and Beauty" seminar put on by a plastic surgeon.  (You forgot about that one, didn't you.) Sheriff David Clarke had some choice words about it at the time.


Finally, Taylor's conduct has become so outrageous and disrespectful to her colleagues and the legislative process that the co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee asked that she be removed.

She doesn't feel like she has to respect the voice and the opinions of the chair,” Darling was quoted saying on Charlie Sykes' 620 WTMJ radio show. “She can call people liars. This level of disrespect for the process, disrespect for rules of law and disrespect for the process of doing legislations for the people of Wisconsin is a concern."

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