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Questions for Lena Taylor (And Others)

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In light of the revelations about Senator Taylor's involvement with potential voter fraud... and her non-denial denials, some questions:

* When will Lena Taylor explain why it's okay for 36 people to register to vote at a home zoned for no more than 18 people?

*Is it not news that Lena Taylor and her mother are involved in assisting an ineligible felon to vote? The law was broken when this guy voted. Isn't that a problem?

*What ever happened to public interest journalism? You know, the idea that journalism has a role to play in keeping the public informed so democracy works. Is public interest journalism dead in this town? Do we need to pronounce the need for autopsy? The silence is deafening.

*What is John Chisholm going to do about this? The DA has said he's looking into the SEIU voters case, what about adding this to the investigation? He's got enough time on his hands to look into which county employee posted pro-Walker comments on the JS website. Seriously, isn't being involved in voter fraud a little bit bigger than posting some comment on a website?

*What will the legislature do? Why are Democrats so silent on this? Are they all fine with Lena Taylor, a respected member of their party in the legislature, being an accessory to voter fraud?

*What is Lena Taylor hiding? She should come forward and explain why the facts are incorrect if she believes the Media Trackers' report is wrong. Lena Taylor should be asked tough questions, not given a pass on bland, generic, overgeneralized talking points.


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