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My E-Mail to DA John Chisolm

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Sent this morning:

Dear Mr. Chisolm:


This morning, in response to rumors on the internet, I heard your unambiguous declaration about what constitutes a felony. 

Since there seems to be widespread confusion, could you please clarify the following issues:

Is it legal to engage in political activity in a public building? What constitutes illegal campaigning?

Are public employees allowed to engage in pro-recall activities or attend recall events during working hours?

Can recall petitions be circulated by public employees in public buildings during working hours?

Can public employees legally use government email accounts to circulate recall petitions, or advocate for recall?

Can public employees legally use government emails and/or facilities to advocate for recall?

Can public employees legally use government emails and/or facilities to promote or schedule meetings and/or rallies, or other events related to the recall?

Can public employees legally use other taxpayer resources, including copiers, phones, and/or supplies to advocate for, or support recall activities?

Can public employees legally use government computers to post messages on blogs and/or other websites advocating for the recall?

Can public school teachers distribute recall petitions in classrooms during class periods?  can public school buildings be used to hold meetings advocating recalls?

Can elected officials including the mayor of Milwaukee, aldermen, and county supervisors use their official emails, offices, or taxpayer funded resources to advocate for the recall or schedule recall-related events? If there are allegations of misconduct against public officials to whom you have contributed in the past will your handle the investigation yourself or recuse your office?

Will you be as zealous in commenting on (1) on-line death threats, (2) promises to pay cash and/or other free inducements in return for signatures?


If citizens see violations of the law, who should they contact? Will your office investigate such allegations? Will such allegations be the subject of a John Doe investigation into the alleged misuse of taxpayer resources for political purposes.

Thank you for your prompt attention.


Charles Sykes




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