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BREAKING: School Tax Levies Go Down

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This would suggest the reforms are working, doesn't it?


School Tax Levies Down; Governor Walker Reforms Saving Taxpayers and Protecting Schools

Tax Levy Goes Down for the First Time in 6 Years; Schools Maintain Services


Madison—Today, the 2011-2012 K-12 school tax levy numbers were released for the state of Wisconsin.   The total K-12 tax levy decreased by over $47 million this year.    Over the last ten years the tax levy, on average, increased by $162 million each year.  Over the last five years the tax levy, on average, increased by $181 million each year. 

When compared to the status quo of the last five years, Governor Walker’s reforms are keeping an extra $225 million in Wisconsin property taxpayer’s pockets.  In total, 269 school districts have a property tax levy lower or the same as last year and 200 school districts not only lowered their levy, but cut their mill rate.

Earlier this year the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau projected the average property tax payer would realize about a 0.6% increase for the 2011-12 school year.  The results from DPI today show that the average property tax payer will actually see a 1% reduction in the school portion of their property tax bill, coming in well below the initial LFB projection....

This year a survey by the Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators showed that Wisconsin schools have continued to be able to meet the needs of Wisconsin students.    The Department of Public Instruction released the data for a survey done by the Wisconsin Association of Schools District Administrators.  The administrators for 353 school districts responded, which accounts for 83% of Wisconsin school districts.  According to the results of the survey, the school districts that responded and utilized the reforms put in place earlier this year mostly either stayed the same or were able to improve the educational opportunities available to their students.


Information about the survey results can be found at:

The survey results also show that while lowering property tax levies the outcomes were better than years were spending increased:

LFB Reference:

DPI Reference:




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