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Jon Corzine: Poster Child For Dem Hypocrisy

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Take a minute to ponder the significance of the spectacular fall of former NJ Governor and Obama bundler Jon Corzine.


The fact that Corzine’s financial skullduggery is linked with the impending default of Greece is also telling. Corzine’s reign of error in New Jersey was marked by fiscal profligacy that mirrors the breakdown in Athens and forced his successor to go to war with state unions in order to start the state back down the road to solvency. Like the Greek politicians who complain about the impact of austerity policies needed to pay for past spending sprees, Democrats now indulge in demagoguery aimed at portraying their opponents as the party of the rich while opposing genuine reform of government spending habits. That they do so while raking in contributions from Wall Street malefactors like Corzine just adds to their hypocrisy.

When Obama speaks about the political influence of a corrupt Wall Street establishment that victimized investors and ordinary Americans while reaping profits he will want us to associate those vices with his opponents. But Corzine proves that this self-serving sermon would be better served up to his own wealthy supporters than anyone else.

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