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Lefty Dane Co. Sheriff Rewrites History

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"Rewrites history," may be a nice way of saying the sheriff was caught lying. Via Media trackers.

By Collin Roth

On Friday September 23, Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney was interviewed by John “Sly” Sylvester, a left-wing radio host in Madison on 1670 AM. Mahoney was invited on Sylvester’s morning talk-show to discuss the Dane County budget battles as well as recent accusations made by Republican Rep. Steve Nass that law enforcement has not properly protected Republican lawmakers.

In response, Mahoney used a well-known incident to make his point that law enforcement protected Republicans first and foremost:

MAHONEY: You’ve had Glenn Grothman on your show and he’s criticized law enforcement. And you know, the day he came out and caused the confrontation with protesters, it was Dane County deputies and a state representative that helped him get back into the Capitol.

SLY: You’re saying that he caused that situation?

MAHONEY: Well, he was stirring the pot if you will.

The incident involving Republican Senator Glenn Grothman on March 1, 2011 is well documented in this twelve minute long video posted on

When Media Trackers contacted Senator Grothman about Mahoney’s comments that he had somehow “caused the confrontation,” Grothman wasn’t quite sure what Mahoney was talking about and proceeded to describe the events of March 1.

Grothman left the Capitol that evening to attend an event at the Inn on the Park, just off the Capitol square. When he returned to the Capitol for a Joint Finance Committee hearing, he attempted to enter the building through the West Washington St. entrance. Despite his identification and credentials as a State Senator, law enforcement did not let him in and he proceeded to the King St. entrance.

Grothman mentioned that this was the first night that access to the Capitol was restricted and a large number of protesters were outside at each of the Capitol entrances.

When Grothman reached the King St. entrance,  it was so crowded that he could not make his way to the door. So, once again Grothman headed back to West Washington, knocking on his office windows to no avail.

Throughout this walk, Grothman began attracting the attention of a group of protesters who recognized him. The group became larger and larger until it was the crowded mob seen in the video, trapping Grothman at an entrance before Democratic Representative Brett Hulsey was able to calm the crowd and Grothman was let inside.

So was Mahoney insinuating that Grothman caused a confrontation with protesters because he was walking around the Capitol trying to get in?

Perhaps Mahoney was trying to justify the behavior of the protesters because Senator Grothman called them “slobs” in an interview with MSNBC? If this is what Mahoney was insinuating when he said Grothman was “stirring the pot,” he is simply wrong on the chronology of events. Grothman’s interview with MSNBC would also occur on March 1, but later in the evening after the event had already taken place.



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