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Mark Neumann.. This morning

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Politico and others are reporting that former Congressman Mark Neumann will announce his entrance into the race for US senate on my show this morning. he joins me live in-studio at 8:45. Tommy Thompson's campaign is ready with a response.

Former Rep. Mark Neumann will become the first candidate to declare a candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Wisconsin on Monday, making his intentions clear on a local morning radio show, POLITICO has learned.

An adviser to Neumann says the 57-year-old former congressman will confirm his candidacy on Charlie Sykes' radio show on WTMJ in Milwaukee around 8:45 a.m. central time Monday.

"He will confirm his run and I expect we will have a more formal announcement later," said Tim Cogswell, a GOP consultant who is advising Neumann.  "I think this was a big decision for him.  I think this was a really big jump for him after having lost to Scott Walker."

Though Cogswell worked on Walker's 2010 race against Neumann, he said he always respected Neumann's "vision for Wisconsin." 


Thompson's campaign issued this "welcome to the campaign" statement:

[Madison, WI…] Darrin Schmitz, consultant to former Governor Tommy G. Thompson, issued the following statement in regards to Mark Neumann’s decision to formally enter the race for United States Senate:

“The Thompson team welcomes Mark Neumann to the race, and we encourage him to run a race that compliments the Republican Party by remaining focused on the failed leadership of Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

“Republican voters deserve a primary campaign based on the issues. What Republicans do not need are more of the smear tactics Mark Neumann used in his failed campaign against Governor Scott Walker.

“Mark Neumann should use his announcement today to tell his former employees and Washington DC allies he will not tolerate additional distortions of Governor Thompson’s record. Not doing so will send a clear message to Republican voters that Mark Neumann intends to run yet another campaign full of lies and mudslinging."

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