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The Recall Flaw

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We can endlessly debate the fairness and wisdom of Wisconsin's recall law. But here are some fascinating numbers: the two senators who lost Tuesday, received substantially MORE votes when they were first elected to a 4-year term than their opponents received in the recall. In other words, the recall allowed a smaller group of voters to negate the choice a much larger number of voters who cast ballots in a general election. In the case of Dan Kapanke, for example, 33,192 Tuesday votes were able to negate the votes of 45,154 voters who elected Kapanke to his current term. Here are the numbers:

Randy Hopper.  In 2008 he got 41,852 votes.  In 2011 King got 28,188.  Difference of 13,664

Dan Kapanke.  In 2008 he got 45,154.  In 2011 Schilling got 33,192.  Difference of 11,962.

For comparison purposes, in 2008 Alberta Darling got 50,125 and in 2011 she got 39,471 votes.

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