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The Pasch Emails

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The emails, release under the Open Records law to Media Trackers, cast serious doubt on Sandy Pasch's denial of coordination between her office/campaign and the left-wing front group Citizen Action.


One particularly fascinating exchange took place from June 1 through June 5 between a Citizen Action staffer, Jennifer Epps, and Pasch’s aide, Fred Ludwig. Citizen Action was looking to film promotional statements by liberal lawmakers opposed to Gov. Walker’s proposed reform to the Wisconsin Shares program. The exchange includes both sides working to nail down a time for Pasch to record the video statement, and also finds the Citizen Action staffer offering some helpful insight into a way Pasch could get on a radio show at WMCS to promote the issue.

Sandy Pasch announced her campaign to unseat Alberta Darling on May 6. The exchange about a promotional video and potential radio show appearance between Pasch’s office and Citizen Action of Wisconsin came nearly a month into the election. Clearly some measure of coordination was taking place, and it must be assumed that Citizen Action of Wisconsin was aware of the political value that Pasch could have put on having a video filmed by Citizen Action of Wisconsin shown to supporters.

Other e-mails discovered include talking points sent to Pasch’s office by Citizen Action of Wisconsin on February 12 outlining what Citizen Action believed to be effective ways of opposing the Budget Repair Bill. That e-mail also included a note that Citizen Action would be helping to lead the way on the massive protests that engulfed Madison in the following weeks....

The e-mails obtained by Media Trackers are only the tip of the iceberg. They only reveal a tremendous amount of communication between Rep. Pasch’s office and Citizen Action of Wisconsin. There is no way to judge, outside of a legal subpoena, how many e-mails are exchanged between Pasch, her treasurer Jackie Boynton, Matt Brusky, and Robert Kraig via personal or campaign e-mail addresses. Judging from the publicly available e-mails, it would appear to be incredible to believe that all of these parties have failed to communicate and coordinate on political activities.

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