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Jobs Now Doubles Down On Voter Bribery

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..and according to the DailyKos, critics (including this "gabberjab") are not just trying to "suppress" votes... they are also "racist.' Of course. Note also the endorsement of illegal vote buying by at least one elected official.

Rightwing gabberjab radiomen like Charlie Sykes and the ROTFL media "hey-we-have-a-magnifying-glass!" watchdog group Media Trackers have tried to conflate Wisconsin Jobs Now and Citizen Action of Wisconsin. They attempt this in order to forge a somewhat byzantine connection with the Sandy Pasch campaign. Ms. Pasch is running against Darling, and doing remarkably well. Again, they are grasping at straws. There simply is no problematic connection. None....


In a press conference today Executive Director of WJN, Mike Lauer said "We are 100% confident that we acted within the bounds of the law. Nothing was coupled together. You could come to a party. You could have your face painted. You could have a hotdog. You could listen to music. You could get in a van and go cast your vote. None of these events were dependent upon the other. You didn't have to go vote." Of course, they carefully vetted all of this with their legal counsel before the parties were even planned.

State Senator Spenser (sic) Coggs said “What we are seeing here is an attempt by the very supporters of voter suppression to raise the alarm just because low-income and minority people are voting in large numbers.”

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