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UPDATE: The Bizarre Anti-Darling Campaign

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UPDATE: State Rep. Sandy Pasch is listed as a member of the Board of Directors of Citizens Action, the group that held this demonstration and has been spending big bucks on Pasch's behalf. BTW: it is illegal for third party groups to 'coordinate" their activities with candidates.

Ok, I get that the unions and the left dislikes Alberta Darling and wants to replace her with a Doyle rubber stamp. But the protests at her office about Medicare? What does that have to do with anything, except to show and sow confusion. Darling's campaign responds:


(Thiensville) Darling Campaign Statement on protests at the Glendale office:
Once again, a handful of protesters tried to distract hard working volunteers and the voters of the 8th Senate District today at the Glendale campaign office. Today’s focus was on spreading misinformation regarding Medicare in the form of a funeral.
“Either today’s protesters are trying to mislead and confuse the voters or they don’t know what a state senator does,” Campaign manager Andrew Davis said. “Medicare is a federal issue. Senator Darling’s focus has always been on and will continue to be getting Wisconsinites back to work. If the policies of Jim Doyle and Sandy Pasch were allowed to continue, the only thing we’d be holding a funeral for would be Wisconsin’s job market.”
Even the protesters know that Senator Darling can’t vote on Medicare at the state level. Yet they continue to protest in a shameful attempt to confuse voters and shift the focus of this race away from Senator Darling’s sterling record of protecting Wisconsin taxpayers.

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