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Dems Ignore Capitol Rules

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My former colleague John Jagler emails me: "After being reminded repeatedly by the Sergeant at Arms Office about the rule against displaying political signs in the State Capitol windows, democrats are refusing to take them down. The signs used to be orange union signs.  Much like the unions' efforts to stop our legislation here, the orange has all but faded away.  They were ugly and disgraceful in this beautiful building before they started to fade and wrinkle.  Now they truly are a blemish on this building."


Flashback.... Dems have been warned about the rules for months.

From: Tonnon Byers, Anne
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 10:02 AM
To: *Legislative Assembly Democrats; *Legislative Assembly Independents; *Legislative Assembly Republicans
Subject: Windows

Building Maintenance have notified me that some windows with signs in them are being vandalized (graffiti.)  They believe that the removal of signs from the Capitol windows would help prevent such actions.  The DOA Tenant Manual does not allow signs in windows.  It states, "No signs, displays, banners or similar items shall be visible through exterior windows of the State Capitol Building ."  I've attached the page that applies (the entire manual is accessible at  Your assistance would be appreciated.   Thank you.



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