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Questions and Answers on the Supreme Court Tussle

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Excellent job by Kevin Binversie on the ongoing soap opera on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

With so many unanswered questions about what happened in the “Wisconsin Supreme Court Skirmish,” it might be a good time to see where we are at this point.

Why has Justice Ann Walsh Bradley not pressed charges?

This appears to be No. 1. If events went down as claimed by Bradley and anonymous sources tell blogger Bill Lueders, would it not be logical for Bradley to file some sort of charges against Justice David Prosser? Assault is a Class H felony in Wisconsin, and it’s not a crime to take lightly.

Why did it take 12 days to come out?

Reports put the altercation on June 13. First media reports were June 25. That’s an eternity in the criminal justice system when it comes to witness statements and accurate evidence gathering.

Who benefits?

If there is any form of a “winner” in the early stages of this story, it appears the Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson–Bradley wing of the court, with the initial framing of the story by the press.

It continues the “Prosser’s a hot-head / called the chief justice a bitch” storyline from the campaign (leaked by Bradley herself) and gives fresh ammo in a campaign to either discredit Prosser or have him removed from the court.

As time goes by, and facts come out which on the surface make the Bradley version of events more and more suspect, that answer will no doubt change.

What’s next?

That is the $64,000 question, is it not? Probably with witnesses giving conflicting reports of what happened, the Dane County Sheriff’s Department will conclude to the Dane County District Attorney they don’t have enough evidence to press charges — against anyone.

That will lead to all eyes on the Wisconsin Judicial Commission — a creation of the Supreme Court itself — which could have the final say on the ethical ramifications of one or both Supreme Court Justices.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:


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