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Classic: Segway Boy's Online Mooch!

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You may have read/seen about "Segway Boy," the perpetual protester who has apparently made a career out of annoying behavior, wracking up dozens of unpaid tickets along the way. The last time we encountered Jeremy Ryan, he had "15 citations totaling $3,604.50 for protesting and disrupting events at the Capitol." As the paper reported: "So far, he hasn't had to pay a cent." Now he's taken to the internet to beg... for others to help him continue to mooch. Classic stuff. Here is his heart-felt plea:


Keep The Efforts Alive- Fund For Food and Rent!!

A lot of people have asked me over the past four months how do you pay your bills. The truth is that when this battle started I was running a business and it was doing pretty good. I had a cash reserve stacked up to pay rent (which isn’t cheap where I live) and food. I have survived the last four months as a full time volunteer activist thanks to this reserve and have hoped that everything would just work out by the time it ran out.

Today I got a five day eviction notice and the reality is that things have not worked themselves out yet. My cash reserve is now depleted and I face the very real possibility of losing my apartment. So I am faced with an option and something I never wanted it to come to. Get a full time job or ask for help. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I never ask for anything.

I started to realize, this is a full time job. I usually get up around 9:00 AM, go to the Capitol until around 4:00 PM, hang out with people outside until around 2:00 AM, head home, and work on back end stuff for the movement until around 4:00 AM, then go to sleep to do it again. Not only is this many full time jobs worth of work but it is something that truly benefits society. And I have done this non stop for four months volunteer.

I feel that what I am doing is something that is truly needed. Not only do I educate people on what is truly going on, but I also make the GOP legislators very nervous. My mere presence causes automatic tension in any committee meeting, and this is a plus to everyone. As I said normally I would not ask for help but I find myself in a quandary. I feel that my presence is vital to the overall movement (as is the presence of others) and that the legislators would feel far more comfortable with me gone.

So I must now set aside my pride and ask for help. I am providing a service for the people, it only makes sense the people would be the ones supporting it. And I feel, and I’m sure many would agree, that I am a far more valuable asset to society in my current role than at a desk job. There have been fundraisers, not even initiated in any way by me and I am thankful for those. But they unfortunately have not been able to pull in much, although every bit helps. So there are two ways you can help and I ask if you can that you please do, keeping in mind that this isn’t easy for me to ask for help.

One Way would be through this online donation service or to send a check directly to me at:

Jeremy Ryan
777 University Avenue #1427
Madison, WI 53715

The second way you could help is by sending a check directly to the apartment building. Please write it out to SBA Management with a memo stating that it is for rent for Jeremy Ryan #1427. And send it to:

777 University Avenue
Madison, WI 53715

And for all worried about posting my address online don't worry. The conservatives have been posting it all over anyways, it's on CCAP so they have spread it like wildfire. Although I do pay a decent amount for rent it comes with some perks that are quite necessary in my position like 24 hour security personnel and secured access to each individual floor. So no worries. And you can feel free to share if you think it will help. Any excess funds will be donated to the Defending Wisconsin PAC legal fund. Thank you all for your support.


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