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Honoring the Fleebaggers

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Wisconsin's 14 truant senators flee the state once again.. this time to pick up an award for their dereliction of duty from the national teachers union. Mediatrackers has the details.

On Wednesday, the National Education Association announced that it would honor the fourteen Democratic state senators that fled Wisconsin with one of the “Association’s highest awards.” The NEA press release announced:

The lawmakers will receive “NEA’s Friend of Education” award for making the bold and unprecedented decision to leave the state of Wisconsin earlier this year, rather than vote for a controversial bill that would weaken and possibly eliminate collective bargaining for Wisconsin public employees.

But even more ridiculous than an award for fleeing the state and vacating their responsibility, the award will be bestowed at the annual NEA meeting on July 2, in Chicago, Illinois. That’s right, all fourteen Democratic state senators will get to flee the state once again on a nostalgic junket to Chicago, Illinois to receive an award for the three-week winter vacation they took in the midst of the Budget Repair Battle.

The NEA lauds the state senators as “heroes of the continuing struggle – not just in Wisconsin, but across America – to protect public employees and working families.”

Ah yes, the “heroes” who appeared on MSNBC every night from “undisclosed locations” while fleeing from Tea Party activists who wanted to know why they weren’t doing their job. The “heroes” that encouraged the chaos in the Capitol without being present to debate and vote. The “heroes” who left the state and more importantly, left their constituents without a voice in Madison.

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