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The entitled arrogance of Shelly Moore

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So why can't I find this in the Dead Tree? Via the Weekly Standard. "A public records request by Wisconsin Republicans has revealed that Democratic state senate candidate Shelly Moore used public resources to organize her campaign against Republican senator Sheila Harsdorf. The documents show that Moore, a union official and high school English teacher, sent a number of emails organizing recall efforts during school hours while school was in session."

It's hard to imagine a more dramatic statement of the entitled arrogance of the unionistas than this tidbit from Ms. Moore's email:

"We are not supposed to use school email, but since all of our rights are being taken away, I don't frankly care," wrote Moore in an email. (Edit note: Earlier posted had erroneous date of her announcement.)

A spokesman for Republican senator Harsdorf's campaign tells the Hudson Patch (a local blog): 

"Shelly Moore is a long-time special interest activist with a track record of loudly lobbying for her political goals. That she would use public resources to advance her interests is disappointing, but not surprising. Apparently when you 'breathe union' it’s hard to pay attention to your actual job." 


UPDATE: The JS did run a blog item online.. but apparently this story got bumped by the riveting account of the former Miss Wisconsin USA.

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