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$54 an hour.

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Nice work if you can get it. Mediatrackers crunches some numbers and puts all of the whining by Green Bay teachers about having to work an 8 hour day in perspective.


On Monday evening, the Green Bay School Board listened to the concerns of Green Bay Area School District teachers and staff about their concerns regarding the addition of an extra 30 minutes to the school day, going from 7.5 hours to 8 hours. Union leader Toni Lardinois of the Green Bay Education Association expressed his indignation to the Board saying “you’re now asking us to work for free, we do not work for free, yes we love what we do but nobody does what they do for free– we have families to take care of just like everybody else.

Work for free? Really?

According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, teachers in the Green Bay Area School District make an average salary of $51,355 with fringe benefits worth $26,410 for a total of $77,765 per year. According to the DPI, a Wisconsin school year is 180 days.

With these numbers, the average Green Bay teacher makes approximately $432.03 per day. With the addition of a half hour to the school day, Green Bay teachers will see their hourly wage decrease from $57.60 to just $54.00 per hour.

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