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Conservatism is winning in Wisconsin

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Patrick Mcilheran's farewell column at the JS (he's going to work for Senator Ron Johnson; their gain, our loss.) Paddy Mac surveys the landscape and notes that the right is on the march in Wisconsin.


So the state's deficit is fixed, its finances are honest for the first time in about a decade, public services are trimmed but not decimated and no taxpayers were skinned to make it happen. All in all, it's been a good week for Wisconsin, especially its hard-pressed, middle-class taxpayers.

And, if I might get political, the first six months of the Age of Walker have left conservatism in a surprisingly solid condition in Wisconsin.

You might not know that from the theatrics in Madison - the fringe of tents, the bucket-drummers in the rotunda, the activists telling Progressive magazine it's time to make the state "ungovernable."

But that all is precisely theatrics, a show, a tale. The reality is that in our purple battleground of a state, conservative ideas now hold the high ground....

​Read the whole thing..

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