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Our buddy Capper

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You might recall the ongoing saga of lefty blogger Chris Liebenthal. Now he's been suspended for 10 days for misusing and wasting taxpayer resources. Shock? not so much.


Not quite the same picture he uses on his website:

Via Dan Bice:

Lefty blogger Chris Liebenthal was suspended for 10 days without pay earlier this year for using his county computer for personal purposes, recently obtained records show.

“It is clear that Mr. Liebenthal blatantly violated the Use of Technology Policy over the course of a year on numerous occasions and was in violation of the above Civil Service rules,” wrote Geri Lyday, interim director of the Department of Health and Human Services, earlier this year.

The suspension cost Liebenthal - a social worker and official with the county employees union - $2,051 in county pay, said Mark Stein, an interim DHHS administrator...


After seizing his work computer, prosecutors found he had engaged in political activity at work but decided not to file charges last year, saying it was more of a personnel issue.

In January, Lyday concluded that Liebenthal — who goes by the name Capper in his anti-Walker blogs— had broken two rules, one for wasting time at work and the other for doing personal activities during the work day. The original recommendation was for a 15-day suspension.

Lyday wrote that the blogger had not used his county equipment to post to his blogs.

"Mr. Liebenthal acknowledged that he did use his County computer for personal use but that all activity has ceased," Lyday wrote.

In March, Liebenthal agreed not to fight the matter and to affirm that “the charges are well founded” in exchange for the suspension being dropped to 10 days, according to records obtained by No Quarter.

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