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Democrat candidate: "I feel like calling her back and smacking her around..."

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You can listen to the audio here. A Democrat state rep running this summer's recall election against GOP Senator Luther Olsen is caught on tape sharing his views on one of his female constituents. New tone.

Wisconsin state Democratic Rep. Fred Clark, who’s running in a recall election against state Republican Sen. Luther Olsen, was caught on tape insulting a woman, and threatening her with violence.

After the woman, referred to in the phone recording as Mrs. Stapleton, hung up on Clark after he asked for her support in the recall election, Clark denigrated her. He wasn’t aware, however, that Mrs. Stapleton’s answering machine was still recording his voice.

"Ok,” Clark said. “I feel like calling her back and smacking her around.”

Full Transcript:

[Answering machine picks up the call, then Sue Stapleton picks up phone]

Sue Stapleton: “Yes”

Fred Clark: “Hi, this, uh, Ms. Stapleton?”

SS: “Yes it is.”

FC: “Hi, this is Representative Fred Clark.”

SS: “Ok.”

FC: “Yes, I just want to give you and John a call again tonight. You may know I’m running against Luther Olsen here in the recall election in the 14th Senate District.”

SS: “Yeah, isn’t that a crime.” [hangs up]

[Answering machine still recording]

FC: “Ok. I feel like calling her back and smacking her around.”

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