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Standing Up To The Union

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Great story out of Manitowoc, where individual teachers take a stand against union bullying.

Email of the day:

The Manitowoc Public School teachers have had a tradition of going to Tony’s Pizza on the last day of school for at least the last 10 years to celebrate the end of the school year.  The place is always packed for this occasion.

This year the teachers unions president found out that Tony had supported Walker in the last election.  So they tried to sneak around his back and move the party to a different Tavern.  Tony has always treated the teachers well when they came in.  He made up banners congratulating and supporting the teachers for a great year.  He would supply snacks and would bring in entertainment as well.  When the union decided to change locations, they didn’t inform Tony.  It did leak out to him and the press.  Even WTMJ contacted Tony to get a comment.

The Funny thing is, the tavern they ended up going to, was also a supporter of Walker and Thompson, and they didn’t know it.  The Manitowoc Tavern League had given Walkers campaign $5,000 and Tony was part of the league.  The new tavern is also part of the league which voted to give the donation.

At the last minute there was a flurry of communication going around the community to support Tony.  We went last night as well.  The place was packed!!  There were a couple of dozen teachers there as well, but there were many people from area businesses that showed their support of Tony.  The “Silent Majority” can mobilize without a lot of fanfare and do the right thing.

My wife is a teacher and many of the teachers that were there last night are getting fed up with the actions of the unions.  Even though they individually still don’t support Walker, they don’t agree with the union tactics either.

I’m looking forward to the passage of the Bill, so we can get an “Increase” in her pay of almost $800 in Union Dues a year.

Thanks Jeff and Charlie for your actions in this political arena.


Keith Hinz

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