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More Tolerant, Compassionate Liberalism

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From: bismarc otto []
Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2011 3:59 PM
To: Sen.Ellis
Cc: Sen.Fitzgerald
Subject: Fake Dems by you fake Americans ass***s NAZI BITCHES.

***Hey Ellis SHUT THE F*CK UP & SIT DOWN like the KOCH Bitch you & your sister/wife ARE. Fitzgerald your sex butt Banging buddy is now telling us you inbred NAZIs are running fake Dems & he supports it like he loves raw gay sex w/his brother. This is what the f*ck you UN AMERICAN asswipes are. Liars, cheats like Hopper(oh yeah has his children seen him since last year?)& criminals like Walker. You support a C*NT like Palin which we saw dead people in Tucson, AZ. This is what you want, F*CK YOU as we want our nation back. We don't want your f*cking nite mare. You assho**s should if you had any ethics RESIGN NOW & GET the F*CK OUT of America. I hear Libya is looking for a new dictator, you can go NOW. GET THE F*CK OUT, please.
Scott Mann
PS The US Supreme Court has ruled 21 to 0 swearing is FREE SPEECH, get used it to NAZI WHORES. 

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