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Truly sick. 

 An exceptional example of how at least one Madison-area "progressive" feels about conservative women. Here is an email sent by a Madison Area Technical College student to State Senator Alberta Darling. It is signed with the student's address and home number... (WARNING: LANGUAGE ALERT):

From: Christopher M Branski []
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2011 12:35 PM
To: Sen.Darling
Subject: You are Revolting
Importance: High


Soon to be ex-Senator Darling:

Last night when you decided to cut the state EITC credits to working poor families in order to provide no-strings-attached tax breaks to corporations you showed your true colors: you're not on our side and you have no heart.

Instead of cajoling you to change your mind, I'm just going to tell you what you are: you're a useless f**king c*nt that has no redeeming value. There are not enough words to describe how much I hate you and the rest of the f**king scum in the Wisconsin GOP. You're parasites and you contribute nothing. Enjoy getting recalled you useless f**king dried up c*nt.

Christopher Branski


Flashback to the scene on the floor of the State assembly when Democrat Gordon Hintz shouted at Rep. Michelle Litjens: 'You are F**king DEAD."

Photo of Representative Hintz

Photo of Representative Litjens

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