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Sheriff Clarke Calls Out the Judges

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As usual, he minces no words. Sheriff David Clarke Jr., ripping lenient Milwaukee County judges. And naming names. Here are some excerpts:

Too many Milwaukee County Circuit Court judges have become apologists for repeat criminal offenders. A judge and prosecutor referred to it as an “accident”, “silly” and “stupid” when a group of thugs carefully planned and robbed a drug house where someone ended up being killed. An accident, silly, and stupid? I call it armed robbery and felony murder. Downplaying criminal charges used to be a role performed by criminal defense attorneys.


An 18-year-old who killed a man had his original charge of first-degree intentional homicide watered down to a lesser charge of recklessly endangering safety. He only got 3 years in prison for the murder. I know I’ll hear more excuses from Judge Kremers on this one, also. He’s got an excuse for every criminal defendant. Criminal defendants now have additional built-in sympathizers.


A series of articles recently ran in the local paper about misguided “second chance” opportunities for career criminals. It is about time that lenient judges are held up for public scrutiny.

I find lenient sentences and “second chance” opportunities for repeat offenders - like serial rapist Johnathan Kirk, charged with 10 counts of first-degree sexual assault in a series of rapes and robberies this year, and Markus Evans, who acted with the cold disregard of a sniper when he shot and killed a promising 17 year-old girl walking home from school – to be a discriminatory policy by the Milwaukee County criminal justice system. These criminals are un-caged back into mainly central city neighborhoods, where they victimize the most vulnerable in our society - minorities, women and children. Personally, I don’t know how some of these guys sleep at night.


The criminal justice system in Milwaukee County has been hijacked by a liberal, soft-on-crime model that views violent crime as a disease that can be cured by some inmate program. One judge ordered an anger management program for Kirk in a previous violent case. It’s the therapeutic model, it doesn’t work, and it’s a cruel social engineering experiment being tested out by the criminal justice system.


I see violent crime as depraved anti-social behavior that should be punished by significant time in prison. I have been, and will continue to be, a staunch advocate for victims of crime and not the criminal perpetrators.

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