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The Judge's Conclusions

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And. There. Is. Your. Dagger!

From the official transcript of the Waukesha recount… Judge Robert Mawdsley puts these findings on the record (the numbers arefr om the court reporter transcript):


1 This Board of Canvassers took great care

2 and pains in fulfilling the responsibility of

3 ascertaining voter intent. And Waukesha County

4 took great pains, because it's not used to being

5 under any cloud of suspicion when it comes to

6 governmental functions.

7 This Board finds that there were no

8 violations of election statutes. There were cases

9 where we drew down, votes were added, but the count

10 differences are not significant and do not affect

11 the outcome.

12 The Board found no ballots removed from

13 bags, no ballots added to bags, no intent to

14 defraud, no intent to damage ballots or other

15 election materials. Any clerical error or

16 procedural failure that the Board discovered did

17 not affect the outcome.

18 So, the Board finds that the intent of

19 the voters in Waukesha County, both individually

20 and collectively, for each of the candidates was

21 revealed in the original canvass and confirmed by

22 this recount.

23 That's by way of summary. We read out

24 the final totals here. The number of votes cast

25 for the Justice of the Supreme Court was 125,182:


1 David T. Prosser, Jr. received 92,331

2 votes.

3 Joanne Kloppenburg received 32,777 votes.

4 And there were 74 votes called

5 "scattering."

6 So at this time the Board of Canvassers

7 will sign the certification and we are done for the

8 night. We'll still be preparing minutes to send

9 along, but that doesn't have to be done at this

10 time.

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