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 And ours. As he contemplates senate run, Tommy Thompson is going to have to figure out how to explain his long flirtation with Obamacare. via American Spectator: 


 Here's a joint statement with former House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt praising the Senate health care bill in November 2009. Here's aNew York Times blog post on a statement he and Gephardt released on the bill voted out of the Democratic-controlled Senate Finance Committee (the NYT said the statement was distributed by the White House). And here is an official White House blog post showing him at a June 2010 event with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on "turning the Affordable Care Act into a reality."

It's worth noting that the statements jump from a period of time when moderate Republicans were still at least nominally involved in the health care negotiations until after it had already passed. But it looks like Medicare Part D might not be Thompson's biggest problem.

HHS Secretary Sebelius met with bipartisan leaders from inside and outside of government to discuss implementing the Affordable Care Act. (L-R: Dr. Mark McClellan, former CMS Administrator and former FDA Commissioner, Nancy Ann DeParle, Director of the White House Office of Health Reform, Secretary Tommy Thompson, and Senator Tom Daschle.) HHS photo by Chris Smith.

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