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Joanne Kloppenburg is contiuing to use the recount to raise cash.....

Dear Friends,

As of the end of the day tomorrow, Waukesha County is expected to be the only County that has not completed the recount.

The recount has uncovered significant issues in ballot security, especially in Waukesha but elsewhere as well: bags of ballots unsealed, a pile of ballots in a clerk's office, ballot bag seal numbers that do not match the inspectors' logs.

 David Prosser's campaign has called these kinds of anomalies "small errors."

 They aren't small errors. As a volunteer in Waukesha put it, the integrity of the ballot count is only as good as the integrity of the condition of the bags. As more anomalies are discovered, the importance of this recount becomes even clearer. Here is a telling incident as reported by WisPolitics:

 "A Prosser observer echoed the hope that the recount would reveal best practices from some communities that could be standardized, and said she is now inspired to become a poll worker. But a Prosser leader scolded her for talking to the media and she asked that her name not be used."

In her announcement requesting the recount, JoAnne noted that Wisconsin residents need to have confidence that elections are fair, that every vote counts and is counted accurately.

We need your help to make sure the Kloppenburg campaign continues to have the person-power and financial resources to participate vigorously in this recount.

To volunteer as an observer in Waukesha (Monday and ongoing) sign up at .

 This recount is not free. We have significant costs including attorneys,

staff, office space and supplies. To donate, visit <> or mail a check to Kloppenburg for Justice, P.O. Box 5464, Madison, WI 53705. Your contribution of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford will help. There is no limit on contributions for the recount. Corporate contributions are prohibited.

Melissa Mulliken

Campaigner Manager

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