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 This AP story suggests that the Wisconsin GOP is about to go into the political version of the 2-minute offense by rushing through "years" worth of legislation in the next few months. (BIAS ALERT: note the use of the word "ram," the MSM verb of choice for majority votes in the legislature.)

Here's the flip-side: in fact the Wisconsin State senate has not even had a floor session since April 5... and won't be back into May 10. One day in more than a month.

Hardly a forced march.

Instead of a mad rush to vote, some observers complain that the legislative GOP has "gone turtle" after the political trauma of the budget repair fight. Second, all of the issues listed in the AP story are issues the GOP campaigned on...concealed carry, photo ID, deregulation... and which its voters fully expected would be enacted quickly. There are, in fact, no surprises here at all.


MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker and GOP leaders have launched a push to ram several years' worth of conservative agenda items through the Legislature this spring before recall elections threaten to end the party's control of state government.

Republicans, in a rapid sequence of votes over the next eight weeks, plan to legalize concealed weapons, deregulate the telephone industry, require voters to show photo identification at the polls, expand school vouchers and undo an early release for prisoners.

Lawmakers may also act again on Walker's controversial plan stripping public employee unions of their collective bargaining rights. An earlier version, which led to massive protest demonstrations at the Capitol, has been left in limbo by legal challenges.

"Everything's been accelerated," said Republican Rep. Gary Tauchen, who is working on the photo ID bill. "We've got a lot of big bills we're trying to get done."

The speed-up is the latest move in a tumultuous legislative session...


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