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 It is increasingly likely that Waukesha will not be able to finish it's recount in the State Supreme Court election by the deadline. Kloppenburg's lawyers reportedly planb a full-out object-to-everything circus Thursday when the Brookfield votes are recounted. Here is the email of the day:



The statements you made on Tuesday's. show about the recount filibuster are absolutely true. My wife, a retired clerk of 20 years and a volunteer counter, stated the recount is absolutely ridiculous. Between the lawyers and Kloppenburg operatives, examining every dot, changing every smudge, questioning every action etc. ,the recount is far from over. They do not want to verify the count , but the anomalies they discovered which are ridiculous and do not effect the count or the integrity of the vote. They want to fight the vote in court. 99.99% of the objection are subjective interpretation.

My wife is a volunteer whose been working 10 hrs. a day. This is not a recount but a vendetta against the conservative Waukesha people who are sick of the lefties.

I wish the citizens would know how much the Kloppenburg regime has spent and from who. Good honest people are subjected to lawyers and operative who have one thing in mind ; take the vote out of the hand of the people and let the liberal courts decide. Just how much will the lefties waste, on this recount, of my tax dollars. We could have spent it to saves the children, made a greener world or give bigger hand outs to non-tax payers.

Please do not use my last name.



This may give you a flavor of why Waukesha is so far behind....



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