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 Sooner or later people will get that, right? Jonah Goldberg on why the Donald can't be taken seriously.


At this point, there’s at least one thing you can’t blame Donald Trump for: being Donald Trump.

Like the scorpion in Aesop’s fables that must sting the frog because that’s simply what scorpions do, the world-renowned, self-promoting billionaire clown must tout himself with passion and narcissistic self-regard.

It was only a matter of time, for instance, before he came out with his own fragrance: Donald Trump Cologne by Donald Trump Eau De Toilettes (You can find it on The first of the two customer reviews is from a woman who discovered the scent as it wafted up from the stock boy at “Toys R Us”).

But that’s not the smell that bothers me. It’s the stench of desperation coming up from those fickle souls taking a Trump presidential bid seriously....


And then, of course, there's this story about The Donald: The Perfume... and body powder.

Gawker reported Monday that on April 7, the mogul filed a trademark application for the phrase “Success by Trump.” According to the paperwork, the trademark would be used for the following goods and services: “Cologne; perfume; fragrances; after-shave lotions; skin moisturizer; shampoo; conditioner; deodorant; soaps for hand, face and body; body powder; bath oil; bath gel; bath salts; bubble bath.


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