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Well of course, the JS analysis of the results doesn't mention the possible influence of a certain alternative over-the-air media on the Supreme Court election. So perhaps we should call it the Factor That Shall Not be Named. ...rather than say, The "Talk Radio Effect."

(In the weeks after the Budget Bill debate exploded, conservative talk radio shows in Milwaukee were first place in their time slots from 8:30 a.m. through 6 p.m. And during the campaign focused heavily on the importance of the Supreme Court race.)

But it's interesting to break down the numbers from the official five-county official listening area that includes Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, Washington, and Ozaukee Counties.

In that five county area, Justice David Prosser ran up a margin of 57.27%, especially impressive because it includes vote rich, liberal Milwaukee County.

In Milwaukee, challenger Joanne Kloppenburg won with 57% of the vote, and thereby hangs a tale.

Kloppenburg's numbers in Milwaukee County were 3 points behind the other liberal on the ballot, County exec candidate Chris Abele.

If she had received the same percentage of the vote as Abele (60%,)she would have added 7,988 votes, enough to win; if she has simply matched Abele's vote total, she would have added 7,896 votes, also enough to win. So you could argue that Kloppenburg lost the election not in Waukesha, but in Milwaukee County, which failed to deliver her the votes she needed.

But for the factor that Shall Not Be Named, the numbers is the collar counties are the most striking.


Washington County:

Prosser: 30,777 (75.6%)

Klloppenburg: 9,902


Ozaukee County:

Prosser: 20,845 (71.6%)

Kloppenburg: 8,246


Racine County:

Prosser: 28,204 (55.6%)

Kloppenburg: 22,518


..and the Motherlode of conservatism,


Waukesha County:

Prosser 92,263 (73.8%)

Kloppenburg 32,758


Five County Total:

Prosser 271,431 (57.2%)

Kloppenburg: 202,516 (42.3%)


 But go out just a little farther, within the actual signals of local talk radio, adding in an additional six counties from the region. 


Sheboygan County:

Prosser: 19,534

Kloppenburg: 11, 411



Prosser: 13,374

Kloppenburg: 8,519


Fond du lac:

Prosser: 15,931

Kloppenburg: 10, 180


Jefferson County:

Prosser: 13, 239

Kloppenburg: 9,741


Walworth County:

Prosser: 14, 236

Kloppenburg: 8,930


Eleven County total:

Prosser: 362,133 (57.5%)

Kloppenburg: 267,504 (42.2%)


Finally, note that Kloppenburg won only two counties (Milwaukee and Kenosha) along the eastern shore of the state.

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