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Savvy reader notes:

Wouldn't you think if you were going to do a front page story about a teacher retiring early because of the hardship posed by Scott Walker's bargaining changes you might want to give the story some context by saying how much the person experiencing this agony actually makes?

Well since the Journal Sentinel won't do it for us, I will: 

According to the DPI, the aggrieved Karen Scharrer-Erickson makes a base salary of $72,913, with another $35,559 on top in fringe benefits for a total compensation of $108,472 (for 9 months of work I might add).   She is, in fact, the highest paid teacher in her entire school - another fact you might think relevant to the story.   She might even be "the wealthy" that need to be taxed more according to Barak Obama's definition for all we know.

To steal a little class warfare from the left, "should hard-working middle class families in Wisconsin have to pay higher taxes just so we can give lavish pensions and benefits to people making over $100,000 a year?"


Another listener writes:

Could we get just one story about the tearful small business owner closing the doors for the last time on his or her dream? Having to lay off the 7 people who struggled with him because they believed in that dream and the impact that will have on them all because of the confiscatory tax policies of a state and federal gov't out of control?!


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