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 Not just locally. Over at Big Government, John Nolte dissects the MSM's latest spin machine.

According to Google, PolitiFact’s only awarded two Lies of the Year and it’s no coincidence that both defended President Obama’s center-piece of legislation and thrashed Republicans.

This is the same PolitiFACT that defended Obama from a SNL skit. The same PolitiFACT that somehow determined Obama’s failed stimulus “saved” a million jobs. The same PolitiFACT who just got busted by our own Charlie Sykes for using a Soros-funded source in an attempt to discredit him. In fact, PolitiFact’s lies and biases are so bountiful, they’ve kept a whole website in business devoted to chronicling them. They also won a Pulitzer, which should tell you everything you need to know....

But again, it’s usually not “how” PolitiFact covers something, it’s “what” they cover. Less than an hour ago I went to PolitiFact’s front page and what did I find? Something that looks awfully close to the front page’s of other left-wing outlets (Politico, Mediaite) disguised as “objective.

See for yourself (I’ve circled the Dems in red — it was faster):



Take a close look and you’ll see that PolitiFact is not only viralizing Jon Stewart’s attack on a Republican (because, naturally, Stewart found PolitiFact useful) but of the Top 10 politicians caught not telling the truth (or telling a half-truth), the Top 8 are Republicans. It isn’t until you scroll down to number 9 that you get to There’s a total of 14 listed here, only 3 are Democrats and 2 of them earned a “Mostly True.”

Also, note the complete absence of President Obama and Harry Reid. I’m sorry, but that’s just bizarre.

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