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  • Print not very subtle. And note the defensiveness of the local editor, who apparently doesn't like being asked questions like ones they use when they are playing "gotcha."

On Monday I emailed, JS Politifact editor Greg Borowski:

1. Please list the (Wisconsin-based) liberal commentators or talk show hosts who have been subject to a Politifact. (Rachel Maddow doesn't qualify.)
2. Have you ever found a conservative talk show (again in Wisconsin) who has ever said anything that is True?
Greg Borowski answered:
You asked me questions about what other "Wisconsin-based" talk show hosts we have reviewed. Your question, of course, is framed to your advantage and ignores items we have done on, for instance, national MSNBC talkers Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz. Both were rated False.
You are free, of course, to frame a question in a slanted manner.
To answer your question, we have rated two statements you made as Pants on Fire and one statement Mark Belling made as Pants on Fire.
I responded:
So just to confirm: you have never rated a local talk show as “true.”
You have never subjected a local liberal commentator or host to any sort of Politifact.
And you seem to think that you have a monopoly on what you defensively call “slanted” questions.

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