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 Savvy observer on what lies ahead....

The Dems lost the election in November and threw a tantrum and ran away to try to obstruct the lawfully elected legislature from acting. Once the budget repair passed they threw a tantrum and are costing state and local taxpayers money and time by filing frivolous dilatory lawsuits to stall the law going into effect.

Having lost the a Supreme Court election (they were SURE they were going to win) by a margin larger than the margin by which Al Gore won Wisconsin in 2000 they are again throwing a tantrum, making groundless, irresponsible accusations of fraud and once again abusing the legal system with frivolous and costly complaints in an effort to stall the inevitable and subvert the clear will of the voters of Wisconsin in re-electing Justice Prosser.

It's time for somebody on the Democrat side to be the adult in the room and say it's time to quit throwing tantrums and filing lawsuits and recalls over election that didn't go their way and get back to the business of doing their jobs of getting Wisconsin back to work again.

This may all be a political game for them, but for thousands Wisconsin residents out of work, it's not a game, and every day the democrats dither and delay is one more day these people aren't able to get back to work and start building the American Dream for themselves and their families.

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