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Lefty group, One Wisconsin Now becomes.... unhinged.

The facts and data aren't going to matter to these folks even though they won't be able to challenge (a) the validity of the Brookfield votes, (b) the verified Waukesha Count, (c) come up with any remotely plausible motive for Kathy Nickolaus's FUBAR. Bottomline: the delay in reporting these votes did NOT do David Prosser any favors. So what exactly is the conpiracy theory?

Tuesday, the people of Wisconsin took away David Prosser's seat on the Supreme Court. And yesterday, the Waukesha County Clerk, Kathy Nickolaus, served as Prosser's sleazy accomplice trying to steal it back.

We have had to endure lies and treachery in Fitzwalkerstan, but nothing like this. The actual attempted theft of an election.

Here’s what we had dug up and some of what our team also put together over night. First and foremost, Nickolaus worked for the Assembly Republican Caucus when Prosser was the Assembly Leader. You don’t have to be a political scientist professor to know this means Prosser was her boss. Now, she implausibly finds 7,500 more votes for Prosser. ...


And, of course, they are trying to raise money on this paranoia.

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