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 Loose the Flying Monkeys:

(Lawyers, hanging chads, missing boxes of absentee ballotts... and litigation.) Think Photo ID might be a good now?

One other thing: Wisconsinsinites need to familizarize themselves with the name: "Al Franken." Deja vu all over again.

From the Wall Street Journal's John Fund (the country's foremost expert in voter fraud:)

Another Al Franken recount looms in another state -- Wisconsin - with the infamous same-day voter registration system that allows people to register and vote the same day - including out-of-state campaign workers and people bussed in from Illinois.

  A 76 page 2007 Milwaukee Police Dept. report said this was a disaster waiting to happen over and over again, and sure enough it has. I have a chapter in my book on that report.
 Justice David Prosser currently has 585 vote lead out of 1.5 million cast.
 There may well be a long court fight, ...The Wisconsin legislature should pass repeal of same-day voter registration as soon as possible - while it still can.
The irony is that any final appeal of the Supreme Court race would ultimately be heard by --- the State Supreme Court. With Prosser recusing himself, the court would be split 3 to 3.
This could be a perfect storm of a mess.

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