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 From Wisconsin Club for Growth.

What country is this?

Wisconsin’s April 5th election isn’t Gettysburg; Americans aren’t shooting each other to decide what kind of nation we’ll be. April 5th, like all elections, is about ensuring it never again comes to that.

Ponder this:
Through half of March, two semi-trailers, plainly identified as mobile command posts of the teamsters union, sat parked on the Capitol Square. They were replaced by a large motor home serving the same function for the Service Employees International Union. Their mission: nullify voter preference for bringing government union benefits under control.
Madison’s mayor runs for re-election with TV ads posing with police and firefighters before the Capitol denouncing Governor Walker. The defiant mayor makes clear he’s fighting to prevent government union benefits being brought under control. In what country do the police go on television and tell you how to vote?
We learn that Supreme Court candidate Joanne Kloppenburg used her position as environmental prosecutor to jail an 80-year old farmer, soon after he recovered from heart surgery, because he refused to plant native vegetation on his own property.
What country is this?
The answer Wisconsin gives April 5th will have deep and lasting consequences far beyond this state. The government unions, the mayor who takes sides against the taxpayers, and the green prosecutor who jails elderly farmers are not tyrants, but they’d dearly love to be, and they hope to make an example of those who want reform next Tuesday.

Trojan Horse
If Joanne Kloppenburg reaches the state Supreme Court and turns out to be the nonpartisan she claims she is, nobody will be more bitterly disappointed the Democratic party professionals spending millions on her behalf.

The Greater Wisconsin Committee is sponsoring $3 million in scurrilous attack ads against Justice David Prosser—dishonest ads Saint Kloppenburg has publicly refused to disavow.
In the words of the liberal Wisconsin Democracy Campaign:
“The Greater Wisconsin Committee is a Madison-based group that has spent an estimated $11.2 million since 2006 in Wisconsin’s fall elections to support Democratic candidates for statewide office and the legislature and another $2.3 million to back nonpartisan candidates in Wisconsin Supreme Court races in 2007, 2008 and 2009."
“Most of the Greater Wisconsin Committee’s financial support comes from organized labor and Democratic ideological groups supported by wealthy business interests,” according to the WDC.
In the summer of 2010 Jim Doyle’s campaign account kicked in $1 million.
To believe Kloppenburg’s self- portrayal as a sort of Mother Teresa with loftier principles, we’d also have to believe some of Wisconsin’s most incendiary left-wing partisans are investing millions of dollars in her with no idea where she'll come down on their issues.

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