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WMC met its fund raising goal yesterday.

 Dear WMC Member,

        We set a big fundraising goal for Tuesday, and WMC members accepted the challenge.
        We met our goal, but we will not stop because the unions and their front groups won't stop.
        They are supporting an environmental lawyer for Supreme Court who was even rejected by President Barack Obama for a federal judgeship, and governors of both parties for state appeals court seats. Justice David Prosser is a 12-year rule-of-law jurist.
        If you gave, thank you! If not, there's still time. And, every dollar will go to delivering a strong message on TV.
        Over the last week, WMC has conducted one of our most successful fundraising drives in recent memory. We saw businesses and ordinary citzens clogging our credit card system to fight back against the union bosses' effort to take over the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
        Businesses and ordinary citizens are ready, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, to defend the rule of law. It is truly amazing!
        Please, if you can give, now is the time. We will be on the air!
    Jim Haney, president

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