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How can you get involved -- a quick guide.

By Ellen Nowak (chief of staff to Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas):

1.  Call, talk to or send an email to your friends and family.  Everybody has a circle of influence -- reach out to them.  This could be as easy as listing the reasons why you support a candidate, passing along a story about the candidates, sending a link to their website.  It doesn't have to be controntational or pushy..just tell them why you are voting for the candidate you are voting for and ask them to join you.  If voter turnout is only going to be 20%, remind them they are voting for the other people who choose to sit home. 
2.  Call the campaign headquarters and tell them you want to help.  Get a yard sign.  Volunteer for a few hours on a weekend or weeknight and drop literature in a neighborhood.  Campaigns make it easy.  They give you the maps of the area and the literature you need to leave at the door or in the newspaper box.  It is easy and it gets the word out.  Two hours will go by really fast and you will have made a difference.
3.  Make phone calls for the candidate.  They make this incredibly easy now with the automation.  Again, a few hours will go by really fast.  And, this works. 
4.  Send another email to your friends and family reminding them to vote the day before election day and then on election day.  Provide a link to the polling places in municipalities.  The clerk's page on the municipality has this information. 
5.  Donate.  It doesn't have to be a lot.  Seriously, every dollar counts (just like every vote counts).  Give directly to the campaign or give to a conduit, such as  Just send in a check or attend a fundraiser.  Bring a friend or two if you go to the fundraiser. 

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