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Who is Waukesha County Judge Kathleen Stilling?

A Doyle appontee and Democratic donor, Stilling is an expert in defending people charged in child sexual asault cases,

Here is  paper she presented at a Trial Attorney Conference regarding her admitted specialty, “Developing the Defense in a Child Sexual Assault Case.”  Here a few gems:

1) Debunks her campaign narrative that she was some kind of general practitioner.  "...her present private practice is entirely criminal defense, both trials and appeals.  She represents adult and juvenile clients in cases involving sexual offenses, drugs, alcohol and domestic violence. She lectures in the areas of sexual assault cases, ethics and trial practice."  (p. 1 of the pdf)
2) She claims as  defense attorney it is that her job was to defend the constitution.  Yet, in the article, her stated goal in the conclusion make no such claim or reference.  Instead she writes in closing, "With the right effort and creativity, you can maximize the chance of achieving the result you and your client desire." (p. 13 of the pdf)
3) So what are her recommendations for defenses in sexual assault cases? In her section on "Some Thoughts on Developing a Theory of the Defense."  Instead, she writes, "We must develop a number of theories, however farfetched, about why the complaining witness is lying, exaggerating, has been manipulated or all of the above." (p. 12 of the pdf). 

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